Rat Race started first in New York as an entertaining, sportive charity run for, so-to-say, white-collars. The aim of Rat Race is to bring the “office rats” out into the fresh air and through humour and fun promote charity and an active lifestyle.

Haapsalu Rat Race is organized by JCI Haapsalu. JCI unites active people, who show initiative, are motivated and aim high. JCI is a place to learn, experience, and achieve both your personal and professional goals.

In 2016 the Haapsalu Rat Race will take part in 3rd of June and the participation fees will be allocated to the robotics centre of Innovatsioonikeskus Innokas to acquire advanced robotics kits. Innokas is acting as the local hub for youth enterpreneurship and innovation, and JCI Haapsalu is very pleased to support its objectives.